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Theresa Gattung - creating SheEOs

Visiting San Franscisco in 2015, ex-Telecom CEO and entreprenuer Theresa Gattung was intrigued about an idea promoted by fellow entrepreneur and mentorship expert, Canadian Vicki Saunders, who had created SheEO, described as a "disruptive economic model".  Gattung decided to bring the model to New Zealand - the first creation of a SheEO model outside North America - and launched SheEO here in October. 

Radio New Zealand, Saturday Morning, Kim Hill.

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Bookmarks: Theresa Gattung

Known as high profile Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung has gone on to be the business brain behind My Foodbag and take the lead on many charities.

She's a fierce lobbyist for women in the workplace and believes that there doesn't have to be a choice between careers and families for them.

She talks to Jesse Mulligan, Radio New Zealand, about the philanthropic work she does and what she enjoys doing in her down time.

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