Theresa Gattung


From my appointment as CEO of Telecom New Zealand in October 1999, I led the business through a period of unprecedented change for telecommunications companies all over the world. At the time I was the first woman to become CEO of a publicly listed company in New Zealand.

With operations in New Zealand and Australia, Telecom is the largest company listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, and is also listed on the ASX and NYSE. In the five years to the end of 2007 Telecom was named New Zealand’s second biggest value creator, returning $4.4 billion to shareholders.


One News stories on appointment as CEO of Telecom (TVNZ, New Zealand)
– August 1999 (5:02min streaming video)

Business Sunday profile story (Channel 9, Australia) – 2005 (7:29min streaming video)

Campbell Live interview reflecting on tenure at Telecom (TV3, New Zealand)
– June 2007
 (5:57min streaming video)


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